Monday, December 31, 2007

Time to ride.

I know its cold, I know it gets dark early, I know you have shit to do. But the Streetkings ride regardless. Sunday 1/6 4PM from the Haus. Location (as always) is top secret. Dress warm, bring a light, and start 2008 the same as you finished putting shit off until later.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Skidmark practice

Thats right. Time to break out your best moves and get down with your bad self.
Where: My shop
When: 6PM Wednesday Dec 19th
Who: open invitation
Sound off if you plan on being there.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

SK video

Make sure the volume is turned up.


A debate renewed.

It seems any function at the Bike Haus that includes drinking inevitably also includes some discussion of a bet that has now been given the title of "The grand wager"

The grand wager began in modest fashion shortly after the Specialized bicycle companies introduction of an oversized street cruiser aptly named; The fatboy *(pictured here in red)

Much like most wars and love stories of note; the whole thing started with a simple statement; "I bet no one could ride this bike up South Mountain." Who uttered it first and how serious they were about the statement remains to be seen. Anyone that has been up South Mountain on a regular roadbike realizes its a bit of work. On a carbon bike, ten gears and a comfortable saddle, even a pair of cat 5 legs could make the towers given enough time. This is no lightweight rocket we are talking about though. The bike looks innocuous enough and contains all the elements of a normal bicylce, however it has some drawbacks that make me lean towards believing that "no one could ride that bike up South Mountain."

1. The bike must weigh upwards of 65 lbs. A far cry from an sub 18 pound S-Works model Tarmac.

2. The pedals are spread ridiculously apart to accomodate the oversized rear tire. this means the Q-factor, or the anatomical position that would provide the most economical use of power to the pedals via the legs, is to say the least, skewed.

3. The saddle position for the benefit of looks has been positioned low slung and not far away enough from the BB to get a full extension of the legs at stroke.

4. The steering is limited to less than a third of the full turning radius.

5. The tires are enormous, the contact patch isnt the size of a dime like a road tire, its about the size of your palm on the front and the size of a small dinner plate on the rear. The friction it takes to push this monster is considerable on flats not to mention on climbs.

What does all this mean? I dont know. They are merely observations, nothing more. I have yet to find a person that will agree to test the climb sober. If you are this person, please let me know as i will work the bet sheets for the event. The particulars can all be worked out prior to launch.

See you at the towers?

Party like its 1999...

Christmas party, streetking style at the Bike Haus. A nice spread, cold brews and good times were had by all. The holidays and the end of another year are always a time for the king to look back and say thanks for good friends and good times. Merry Christmas to all (even the punks)

Talk about elbows down and ass up riding position. Could this roll anywhere but on a velo?

This rig is currently not on E-bay. But there a number of sweet frames and accessories that are. To avoid multiple Streetkings bidding on the same pieces, if you are bidding on something, drop a note here first. Include the item number a brief description, and your name.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

So many good looking frames out there

How in the hell are there so many good looking NOS frames just sitting in someones shop or garage?

I love that red frame.

A perfect night for a ride.

The weather was perfect on Thursday for the ride to Tempe and Casey Moores for a few drinks. The Hot City Destroyers joined the ride from Scottsdale and showed us a few things about bike handling. In typical Phoenix style, the weather is calling for rain for the entire weekend, sure to clear up in time to return to work on Monday. The ride scheduled for tonight has backup plans to take the race and movie portion inside if the weather doesnt cooperate. They have warehouse space in Tempe for just such an occasion. The movie after the race is MASH a look at the messenger bike community and riders in San Francisco. The stuff these guys are doing on fixed gear bikes is unbelievable.

Where did this guy get all this hardware?

A shout out to the Big Tuna, for showing up even though he didnt make the ride and the other guys that rode for the Street Kings.

Remember; if you wont defend the crown....who will?

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It's on...

It's on like Donkey Kong! Tonight we roll. Location undecided and will remain top-secret.

warm weather tomorrow and then a chance for rain on the weekend. I hope it doesnt F up the Saturday ride.