Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Say it aint so...

While ex-president Jimmy Carter was doing god knows what in China someone lifted two bikes from, get this, the Carter Center of all places in Atlanta. The Peanut loving president leaves the bikes there (unlocked i understand) to use when he and his wife are in the area. The bikes had been donated to the Carters by a local bike shop after seeing the condition of the bikes the President had brought in for service last year. I wonder if the bikes had been brought to the store to have the odor of a failed 4 years of economic planning out of them from the seventies.
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tex Mex

My team is already coming together for this years TDF. The big question is: Should I take Big Tex or not? It was shocking to see him for the first time in an Astana kit on Velonews, but the guy looks all business. Next weeks Tour of Australia should let us all know where he stands fitness and endurance wise. I got a lot of flack last year for making fun of the riders that unnaturally enhanced their performance using banned substances and then went about surreptitiously concealing those actions. In other words “Cheaters” and I was shocked into silence by some of the people that rushed to their defense taking shots at me and….gasp my bike of all things. But I vow that same circus won’t happen this year. Anyone that F’s up the tour this year (or my fantasy team) gets called out. Anyone that posts crybaby crap like: “Spend a day in his shoes,” or “You don’t know what pressures these guys are under…” gets their IP bombed so if you plan on posting stupid crap on my page, don’t do it from a work computer or else suffer the indignity of explaining the shift manager at Staples why the office hard-drive is melted.

Monday, January 19, 2009

....and knowing is half the battle.

You know how this works by now. Click on the answer you think is correct. If you are right
Vanderkitten Liz hatch shows up

If not....This dude with Harry potter tattooed on his back.

Hit the picture for the back story after your choice. NO MOUSE-OVERS pussys!


The SF Metropolitan transportation commission is currently considering what bicycle related legislation?

A) A "stop and roll" law that would allow cyclists to treat stop signs as yields and stop lights as stop signs.
B) The "anti_TGIF" law that outlaws the hated bike friday
C) "The anti Oury" law that requires all bicycle handle bar grips be attached with a clamp like device to avoid impalement.

Question #2
The ad below is attempting to demonstrate/sell what?

A) A bicycle that creates Ozone as it is driven re-energizing the atmosphere.
B) A mobile Wi-Fi enabled bicycle that creates a mobile hot spot.
C) A software program that counts not only calories burned from bike riding, but from flatulence and other body functions.

Question #3

The maker of the bicycle capable of spray painting messages as it is ridden on city streets lately has been

A) Campaigning against the soon to be ex-president Bush by spraying sidewalks all over the country.
B) Selling advertising space for the online giant Google in spraypainted messages
C) Fighting for his life in a federal court for defacing federal property by means of vandalism.

Question #4
These two men are fighting over what?

A) Secular religion. This is just your typical commute in downtown Baghdad
B) Two men fighting over a special edition "Hannah Montana" bicycle this Christmas shopping season.
C) A vehicle driver upset that the cyclist had stopped at a yellow light requiring him to stop.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Alleycat tonight

A mockup of the flyer for our event. Tonight is the sprint race in Hipster Compton. StreetKings on the scene? Unknown at this time.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Roll it up.

The roller event has gotten big. Overnight it seems everyone got on board and is excited about racing and, or helping out the MS ride. We already have a great rundown of prizes, the trophies should arrive here on Friday and I can accessorize them SK style to make them more fitting for the event. I am already working on a new interface for the races that will add a bit more character to what we already have. Consider me the Steve Jobs of open sprints without the cheap beard or life threatening illness at this point. The interface we have now is a bit basic but working (so far). The hot test last night was a success. No technical failures except when I attempted to split the video signal for a second monitor. There are a lot of ways to improve it swirling around in my head like that floater you have to double flush. There are a lot of AZFixed events coming up along with the road racing season. Hipster Compton sprint race is this Friday, our open sprints is on Feb 7 and then there is a scavenger hunt alley cat race scheduled for Valentines day run by Terror boy and his LUX ride crew out of Phoenix. I was considering a way to get more crews recognized at the roller event such as making a team trophy, but I think there will be enough going on as is.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Suicide king's back

I know...I know. Its been forever since my last update. I have been waist deep in projects and the time gets away from me. I haven't been squandering my time simply working and sleeping however. I put some serious hours into getting the opensprints setup up and running. The project took a combination of all of my skills, mad or otherwise and became a near obsession at times. But that is all behind us. The streetkings will have first crack at the set up on wednesday night. All kings in has been called and the group will assemble to put the rig to the test. The bikes are assembled and ready to go. The first event is scheduled for February 7 at boulders on broadway and will benefit the upcoming MS150 ride. I made some trophies for the event including a traveling cup for the winner of the 'A' race that will bear an engraving of their name and the event . The event is a joint affair with local crew HCD and a truckload of cool sponsors. I have put the word out that its a required attendence. At the end of the night that trophy better be back in the SK lock up.