Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Let me show you how we roll

ASU Sun devil crit action from last Sunday. Historically Sunday is a day of rest, but not if you wear the crown my friend. Street Kings were fully represented in a number of classes, few as well documented photographically as this stack of aces right here. BOOM BOOM BOOM Just out of camera range...XXI dealing at our six. Isaac gets boxed in and finished second, the rest of the crew are a pack finish. Applications are pouring in for our upcoming member drive. I foresee the possiblity of picking up 3 solid members. We need all the talent locked up for this summers alleycat season. I want to see a podium drunk with Street Kings figuratively and literally at the big name events. Kill Mill, Daggers Death race, SK invitational. etc... Game on.

Monday, February 23, 2009

I need a new bike

...Like i need a hole in my head. But check out this ride.Full carbon once piece molded bars. That bulbous head tube is kind of a turn off but other than that this ride is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet. I am guessing there is a 185 lb weight limit on this brittle bastard.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Tour of California party was a success. 25+ hipsters in one place at one time is definitely a record outside of Tempe. The tour is fun to watch this year, good riders, no sign of trouble in the doping department and some ehhhh fair to good coverage when the weather permits. I drank too much. One part due to having a good time with friends, the other half due to finding out someone has taken my reverse camelback idea... a little thing i like to call the "Reverse fanny pack" and marketed it as the beer belly. I cant win for losing. At least i had Cavendish in the office pool

Tour de kicking your ass

STreet KiNgs go legit. Yes that is an SK logo across the shoulders of a spandex jersey. Put there by the peeps running the MS150 ride. As the roller wars was hosted by our crew, we got a spot on the sponsor jersey. Pretty sweet if you ask me. Tuesdays ride was a mix of both the usual and the unusual. Same spots for eats and beers, but there was a historic vote on ranking that ended in a 6 for, and 2 against majority. St Paul called the vote seconded by James T on the grounds bike riding of any nature on SK Crew night should be with the SK crew. It was lonely in the minority. The parties involved have been notified and no expulsions are expected. Groundwork was laid for what is being billed as the first annual Street King opensprints invitational. It currently has a working title of: "...in defense of the crown." Eight teams of five members made up of any crew that has hosted a local alleycat or likeminded event go head to head on the rollers. The crew that ends up with 3 or better wins moves on.,The other... doesnt. Invites are being assembled and discusssed for the following crews:
Street Kings (hosting FIxeD and rollerwars)
HCD (Kill Mill volume 2, Holiday hustle)
LBDM (Arizona trail, Turkey trot, Hipster compton)
PSC (PSC race)
Daggers (daggers death race)
HVYPDL (Macaframa premiere, LUX olympics)
Tucson (Eat, Eat, oh Eat)
And i have assigned a captain for what is being billed as an: AZFixed dream team, or the best 5 guys he can put together for the event. Dates are still being discussed as are deatails. In good time my...all in good time.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Street king ride Tuesday night! Put on your best crazy face.

Lets do it. Have a few beers, have a few laughs, turn a few pedals. SK lockup sixish BYOB
We have alot to celebrate/discuss

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Street Kings victorious at Roller wars

What a race! 38 A riders, 36 B riders and a full womens bracket as well. We raised $1000 for MS and had a friggen fantastic night. Bucket swept through the A bracket like a house a fire taking the top honors; The traveling roller war champion trophy as well as the fastest time of the night. at 14.68 seconds for 300 meters. XXI won his first race against rival gang leader Jeremy of HCD and i won my first race as well. ST Paul, AL Sheik, James T all pushed well into the third round before being bowing out. I am working on a crew on crew tournament for the next event, involve some of the other crews that put on events in the local area HCD (Hot city destroyers) , LBDM (los bicicletas de muerto), the Daggers, Heavy Pedal, etc..