Sunday, September 19, 2010

SK low post. Pole position

Last night was the choose your own adventure alleycat. It was the first real event this year outside of indoor sprints. I felt like i had some things going for me; I have some fitness, i know the area, and the twist to the race played well to my strong suits; AZFixed knowledge, and common sense. There were about 35 racers at the start, four Street Kings including myself and they were all hitters. We were 1-3 at the first stop, Isaac, Ish and then me. The first question: What is Suicidekings real name? each race had a multiple choice and the answer led you another local park if you got it right you progressed, if not, you had to find the correct one and continue. I got all 5 questions right and that helped me considerably. I figure the distance overall was about 10 miles total. As i said common sense played a role as one question was wrong but i was able to deduce from the stops we had already visited, and the park i was at, where the next stop should be. Isaac and Ish both missed this question and ironically it was one that involved them: "Who won FixEd?" the right answer was Isaac and Ishmael. the one-two punch in a team event won handily. Unfortunately their name wasnt one of the choices. They panicked and guessed wrong twice. By the time they got straigtened out i was already two stops further along and met them at the second to the final stop. It was hard to tell where you were in the standing as people were bouncing from stop to stop on different "adventures" i put everything i had into getting back to TBP and got there a few minutes before Ishmael. It felt good. There was a sprint back to the bar as a race after the race. Isaac and Ish went 1-2 on that leg. i sat up and still got there 5th. What a night.

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fun race, Congrats SK