Monday, October 18, 2010

Dagger Death Race 4

Its happening again this year. 10/30/10 All the mayhem, all the miles, all the beers. An SK win is a must. Im putting a personal stake in the race this year and putting up the PBR bike as a prize for the fastest rider. Not that i dont think getting a tattoo isnt a cool way to win a race, its just not the way to win a bike. I feel good, i know this is a different race then the last one, but i think i can get out there and make some noise. I plan on hitting it hard, Tomorrows ride will hopefully firm up the team makeup. Speaking of makeup, here is the costumes we will be rolling.
Ill take Cap, the rest are up for grabs. I have 8 including my get up. I hope to have a full squad on fight night. And i plan on raging after. like a fucking superhero.

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Anonymous said...

Its exciting and a bit uncomfortable at the same time. Rock the Race!

The Agent