Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bitter sweet DDR4

The race was a success, the night wasn't. Six street kings in the break early with two other riders pushing the pace. Billy flatted before stop 2 leaving local street icon Wesperado to fend against six hard riders. I caught up with the group at the death tunnel where Wes got hung up. We left as a group of seven headed to the final two stops. I got popped going over Curry where Wes caught up to me. We finished together a few moments behind the lead group. St Paul came in first and earned the PBR bike. Keeping that in house was important. James T, Radar, Ish, Isaac, and Coat-x rounded out the top six.. All street kings. The bitter part was the BMX jump off didn't go as planned and my wife was hit and seriously injured by an errant bike. I spent the night in the ER and ICU with her while the doctors monitor her for internal bleeding. A lot of people reached out asking how she is doing and wishing her a speedy recovery. My familys appreciation goes out to those people. Thank you

Monday, October 25, 2010

Get ready to rumble

Its going to be big. 150+ riders. Including the SK's newest member: Coat-X. 10 Street Kings in the lead group? I think its doable. Weve got the strongest crew ever assembled, to take this race by storm.

yes i had to do some spring cleaning.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Dagger Death Race 4

Its happening again this year. 10/30/10 All the mayhem, all the miles, all the beers. An SK win is a must. Im putting a personal stake in the race this year and putting up the PBR bike as a prize for the fastest rider. Not that i dont think getting a tattoo isnt a cool way to win a race, its just not the way to win a bike. I feel good, i know this is a different race then the last one, but i think i can get out there and make some noise. I plan on hitting it hard, Tomorrows ride will hopefully firm up the team makeup. Speaking of makeup, here is the costumes we will be rolling.
Ill take Cap, the rest are up for grabs. I have 8 including my get up. I hope to have a full squad on fight night. And i plan on raging after. like a fucking superhero.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

SK low post. Pole position

Last night was the choose your own adventure alleycat. It was the first real event this year outside of indoor sprints. I felt like i had some things going for me; I have some fitness, i know the area, and the twist to the race played well to my strong suits; AZFixed knowledge, and common sense. There were about 35 racers at the start, four Street Kings including myself and they were all hitters. We were 1-3 at the first stop, Isaac, Ish and then me. The first question: What is Suicidekings real name? each race had a multiple choice and the answer led you another local park if you got it right you progressed, if not, you had to find the correct one and continue. I got all 5 questions right and that helped me considerably. I figure the distance overall was about 10 miles total. As i said common sense played a role as one question was wrong but i was able to deduce from the stops we had already visited, and the park i was at, where the next stop should be. Isaac and Ish both missed this question and ironically it was one that involved them: "Who won FixEd?" the right answer was Isaac and Ishmael. the one-two punch in a team event won handily. Unfortunately their name wasnt one of the choices. They panicked and guessed wrong twice. By the time they got straigtened out i was already two stops further along and met them at the second to the final stop. It was hard to tell where you were in the standing as people were bouncing from stop to stop on different "adventures" i put everything i had into getting back to TBP and got there a few minutes before Ishmael. It felt good. There was a sprint back to the bar as a race after the race. Isaac and Ish went 1-2 on that leg. i sat up and still got there 5th. What a night.

Monday, August 30, 2010

I will be representing the Street king crew at the first ever indoor world championships this year during interbike. I feel good, i feel like i could get off a good time. i dont have the ace in hole...youth. But i can still get off. Im hoping Bucket will get on the bikes and have a go. He won the first Rollerwars and has proven hes got the technique and legs to get it done. Inerbike 2010. Oh yeah!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's on!

A new alleycat flyer hit AZFixed earlier this week, Sept 18th, Tempe. The thread alluded to knowledge of prior races and events as primers for the stops. Needless to say it made me stop and think about some of the races I have either thrown or attended. Good times. One race that sticks out predominantly when discussing; the “good ol’ days”, is the race for the cure. I loved that race. It had all the elements of your run of the mill alleycat but was kicked up a notch with the involvement of the police and security at the hospital. Looking back it’s easy to laugh at, a literal gang of 40 bikers blowing past a security check point into the parking lot of what is essentially a jail. The security team overreacted and chaos ensued. The adrenaline was all that kept me going for the remainder of the night. I got lost on ASU campus, nearly puked after doing the shot of Tabasco sauce, shotgunned not one, but two beers in Hipster Compton, and got hit square in the eyes with a handful of flour at stop five after the person manning the stop yelled; “Anthrax!”. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. AZfixed was in its infancy, the Street Kings were still recruiting members and finding our place in the community, and although there was an alleycat every five or six weeks, no one forgot that race. If people are still talking about your race three years later you must have gotten something right. I cant wait till the 18th. Game on.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Everything old is new again...

Im back. At least that’s what my legs feel like. Some days I don’t even need the i-pod and I can put up PR’s on desert classic in both distance and time. Im training although for nothing in specific. I figure my sweet spot is somewhere around a 45 minute effort. Or your typical local crit period. Since the time period that I like to refer to as; “the corner” or the moment I stopped racing to impress anyone else and committed to riding only if it felt good and I felt like it, I haven’t suited up to race except indoors. My legs have never felt better, and my bike collection feels just right as well instead of bloated and unmanageable full of bikes I felt guilty not riding. I lost weight and a good amount of my bike excess during, and leading up to the summer bike swap. While I don’t think anyone will accuse me of being lean, I don’t think fat fits me today either. I still have racing goals this year; The DC crit, the world indoor sprints at Interbike, Tour De Scottsdale. It’s just a matter of how I get there this year that has made the difference. It hurt standing on the sidelines last year during, arguably, the most successful Thunder season to date. I don’t profess to be able to see the future, but the Street kings are going to be getting lean this year too. I want to apply the lessons I learned at “the corner” to that crew as well. It is not middle school, there is no requirements on attendance except a desire to be there. Love it or leave it. Well be at the bar.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

SK roll call and roll out.

We could all use a little exercise. SK Ride this Thursday be there. Same time same place. Since my last post we have welcomed a new member. Zig Zag. The crew is really coming along. I think we will have solid finishes to any local events this year. There are still a few more strong candidates before rush finishes for the season and the action begins. Perhaps someone will get tapped this week. Official business from the last ride included votes on what events are considered Premier events and worthy of title and award. We also put some thought into what our cat would be this year. I cant wait till thursday. Lets get it on!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Can i get a what what?

Full crew out last night. It felt good just to be on a bike, good weather and a few beers. We inducted a new member; Dauber, and laid groundwork for at least two more member applications. members voting last night include:


St. Paul



Agent Orange

James T.

Last Chance




It becomes apparent the group has become a bit lax for a hardcore bike gang. There were many suggestions tabled in disucssion of possible sanctions and actions.

in other business voted on by a majority,

1.Radar was awarded a headbadge for his podium effort in Daggers deathrace III. The top award was given to the guy that got the tattoo and beat the bikes back to the finish, but we all know who won.

2. any submission involving the name "goatsie" will be stricken from the record.

3. The rule; "you get your name when you get your frame" was seconded and agreed upon tabling a new name for Skippy

4. The name change process was ratified and agreed upon for members inquiring.
5. Date was set for next group ride April 22
SK Out