Monday, November 24, 2008

Cranksgiving time

Wednesday night. Leaving the lockup at 6ish. I suggest you be there

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The weather and the worm have turned...

The weather has turned. Cooler temperatures dropped into the PHX recently marking an end to summer and the abrupt start of fall/winter. Morning rides are cool and at times cold. Afternoon rides are at a perfect temperature but dark if you stray past 5-5:30. I would love to get in another Street King sponsored alley at this year but I cant find a free weekend with the holidays and current bicycle related activity calendar chock full already. I have moved the proposed date to at or around the Super Bowl (end of Jan first of Feb). I loved the prizes the Daggers had at their race, the bike/adult related swag made for perfect prizes if you ask me. They obviously have industry connections in the BMX world that helped make that happen. I would have to substitute straight cash. A brick containing a thousand one dollar bills would make a statement. I also liked the equalizer of the photo scavenger hunt in the dagger race. It made each racer believe they still had a shot at winning even if they weren’t the fastest racer. The element of the unknown. Here is the race layout I have so far: Seven stops, each stop is unmanned except for a bicycle lock strategically located and labeled with a number 0-9. Being that there are only seven stops and ten possible numbers, 3 numbers are unaccounted for. Those three numbers would be the combination for another lock that once unlocked signaled the race winner. Prior to the start of the race each rider draws a random number. They can check that number off of their respective manifest and now only need to eliminate six digits to have the correct combination. The stops can be done in any order and with a little luck perhaps some riders will only need to visit six of the stops depending on what order they choose to hit the checkpoints in. Each rider only has one shot at the lock and the guess sheets will be kept in order as they arrive .When 10 or so guesses are in, the first guy takes his shot at the lock. If he doesn’t have the right combo, the next guy and so on until someone unlocks the lock. The next two correct guesses also would get prizes as second and third place.At least that is the plan.

Monday, November 10, 2008

STreet Kings on the front

Another alleycat, another Street King Victory .The Street Kings go 1,2 at the Perv Shop Race with Isaac winning it, and Bucket earning his rank coming in second. The aluminum sheik broke into the top 5 and James T was right behind him. I personally came in around 10. The race itself was a bit of a challenge. It was longer than most cats, and included some twists that put me in the pain locker quick. At the first stop, you had to remove your seat or seat post and ride without it until the next stop. Sounds easy until you try to kick into that second pedal and that sounds ok until you try to stop with only one foot kicked in. Some of the other stops included a full makeup application and construct and wear a bra to the finish. The battle at the front included James T until he lost his seat clamp between stops and had to go back for it.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Beers and beards

Street Kings jump in a new member. "The aluminum Sheik" is the newest addition to the street king team. Use of the term "iron" was determined to be too cliche and frankly too strong. With his inclusion he also elevated to the rank of Street Lieutenant after winning second place at the dagger death race wearing an SK kit. Ish and Isaac were also moved up in rank to Street Lieutenant after their convincing win in the same event. Jackson petitioned for rank improvement after his first alleycat and was denied Street Lieutenant but ceremoneously awarded "Street Enforcer".

For the books:
The vetoed name was "Donger" or "The donger" (the quorum also decided adding the word "the" is not allowed to add a second name to the voting list)
Names that were voted on:
LL beans (Lebanese Love Beans)
New Guy
'Big Al'...Kyda
Steel wool
Phil Achio was removed by executive veto by SK

members in attendance and voting:
Agent Orange

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Street Kings roll tonight

I need a night out. I need a few drinks. I am a needy bastard. The group rolls from the SK lockup at the normal time. Be there

Monday, November 3, 2008

Dagger Death Race

This photo says it all. Hoops shot this one from the top of his van prior to the start. None of us had any idea there were fireworks in the background. They look like they were planned out though.

The death race was a blast. What a race! Four stops plus a photo scavenger hunt made all the more chaotic by the fact the race was run on halloween. Over a hundred riders screaming up Scottsdale road to the first stop where the manifests were hidden inside blood filled pinatas'. The manifests laid out four stops as well as a list of points available for a photo scavenger hunt. To win you had to hit all four stops as well as accrue 100 points in pictures. Some of the categories for points: Boobs, a nurse, a cop, inside a strip club, with a bum, skitching a car, immobilizing someone elses bike, riding inside the death tunnel. There was one option that would get you a pass for all the photo scavenger hunt items that was a daggers tattoo. Ony one was available but 5 people showed up to claim that short cut. Here is a pic of the finsihed piece. Jackson and i scored the following pictures on our scavenger hunt: Piccture with a bum, inside a strip club, skitching a cab on University, and adding a tie-wrap to some fools spoke/fork combo at the death tunnel. (Jackson or I always watched our bikes at the stops and didnt fall prey to any skullduggery)
The Street Kings went first and second on the podium and scored some sweet gear. Isaac and Ish scored carbon bike frames for a first place finish. They finished well ahead of the group and had the required 100 points. The next team in was Nate and TUcson Chris but they hadnt taken any pictures and were prompty DQ'ed. St Paul and "the new guy" ended up in second and scored a whole box full of bike gear. (Tires, grips, tape, Male enhancement pills and creams) Most of it St Paul gave away at the after party, the Nixon watches and some of the "all night" pills went straight into his bag. The afterparty was the bomb. Beers, shotguns, broads, and BenkoTM jamming on the turntables. The daggers know how to throw a party. Street Kings assemble this Thursday to:
A) celebrate a podium drunk with STreet Kings
B) This Fridays alleycat
C) the effect malt and hops have on tap water when combined and aged properly.