Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rider down...but not out

St Paul took a spill in this weekends Hungry dog crit. Broken collar bone, skinned right side, smashed helmet. He was working at the lockup that afternoon so i dont think it will be long before hes back in the saddle. Bike wrecks are a sobering bit of reality. Pain, blood, emotion not to mention the unsettling sound of expensive components hitting pavement. Makes me remember the important things in life. Friends, good times, health, expensive components. You get the picture. It was a big weekend for Street Kings in the two crits in town. Isaac flatted on the bell lap on Saturday, Ish works his way to the front and then throws down one of the strongest looking sprints i have seen in that category race for the win. Sunday Isaac didnt flat and ended up second. XXI and I got pulled after being lapped. Bucket came back to win the race that St Paul upended in. I bet that felt good. All good. All gold..all the time.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The first annual Street King Invitational

Back to Boulders to defend the crown. Will a Street King retain the title? Boulders has come through with some nice prizes and beer sponsors. I want to pack that place again with a screaming mad mob.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bikes and cars and topless bars, i never met a woman...

Billy Idol sung that refrain i believe. He may have been having a newsday in whatever corner of the world he hails from like the one we had here in AZ. First THIS story about a cyclist saving some poor soul from being kidnapped, and then THIS bad news out of the state assembly in regards to a bill sponsored that would allow cyclists to treat stop signs as rolling stops. The bill was defeated with a vote that followed party lines. Which is politician for "we voted the way the people that pay us told us to vote, with no real thought to the actual subject matter" In other words they sold out like prostitutes. Turns out Democrats are more bike friendly. Go figure. One member offered this explanation to his NO vote : Rep. Ray Barnes, R-Phoenix, said it would send the wrong message for children to see older bicyclists failing to stop at stop signs. No mention of what message selling out sends to adults and kids.