Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another race, another badge.

Tour de Phoenix (an alleycat), was last night. 4 stops, all bike shops in Tempe, Scottsdale and Phoenix were the stops in a 20+ mile alleycat. The Streetkings established an early break by the second stop, St. Paul, Radar, Isaac, Ishmael, Suicideking, and one other hanger-on; Keith. The pace was brutal up Scottsdale Rd and most of the 40 plus other riders broke. At the turnaround for stop #3 Bike Haus (the SK lockup) we couldnt even see the lights of the next group. I fell off the group across Indian School and eventually ended up 10th. The finishing order didnt change much from the first stop. St. Paul came across 1st and is awarded a polished head badge. Isaac 2nd, Radar 3rd. Ishmael finished 5 behind Keith. The crew putting on the race had promised no bullshit and that is exactly what the race was. All the stops were easily found and effectively manned. Nothing goofy (like take your seat off and leave it off until the next stop) and the weather was perfect. Wes, the cat that put on the event is moving to NY next week. Best of luck.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Lets celebrate!

Wednesday, SK lock up. You know the time, you better know the place. After some crew business, we have some awards to distribute and bottoms of bottles to be found.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Street Kings roll!

Break out the brooms. It was a clean sweep of the podium last night.
First place: Bucket (brought his A game and a gear to match)
Second place: Radar (first event as a Street King)
Third Place: Isaac (also won the motivation station prime)

Other notables in the line-up
St. Paul finishes 5th
Last Chance rides his first event
Ishmael in the top ten
SK toed the line

I knew it was going to be a good night when I pulled the Suicide king. And Bucket the Deuce of clubs. The event went off without a hitch. No accidents, no cops, no problems! over 90 riders started the race with a $2 entry and Bucket picked that change up at the finish line. It felt good to get out there and ride and ride hard. No funny stuff this time. No turn around, no goofy stops where you have to take off your tire or shoes or something like that. Just a straight shot and an after party. Two things that the Street Kings are good at. I only had time to pull one headbadge off the roll finished. Looks like i have my work cut out for me.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

KIll Mill Itenerary

Lets do this. 9:30, park at or behind Cafe Boa for some pre ride drinks and stategery. The competition is heating up on the boards and the boys are gearing up the rides. I think the key gear inch setting is going to be North of 85 at a minimum. The start is a bit back from the bridge this year so the run up will be without the bulk of the traffic that prior starts have seen. The SK crew got their name on the flyer by donating the Traitor track cranks i picked up at last years Interbike in Las Vegas. I am sure someone can find a suitable project for them. I am excited this go round. Most of the SK hitters are bringing their best to the line. May the best man win.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I cant help it.

I know, I know, every time i point out a bike from FGG, somebody jumps in to save the day like i was clubbing seals. "Making fun" is never really about having any fun. I look at it more like my duty to ensure cycling heritage isnt lost during my lifetime, or becomes so unidentifiable that our children think we all rode bike fridays' or recumbants. 2009 is a new me and i have learned that you cant spend your life defending comments about rubber grip placement. Having said that; here is some constructive criticism, if it applies to you....well then we all learned something didnt we?
Subject #1
Lets just touch on some "big picture" points for a moment shall we? First: this bike looks like it was stolen. The current owner i can only assume is somewhere around five foot 8 to five foot nine, 28 inch inseam and currently has a raw bald spot under his balls from riding a bike that was clearly made for someone Yao Ming sized. Brother you are showing no seat post and your head tube looks like a down tube. I realize the yardsale this was purchased at probably has a no return policy, but there are other fish in the sea and if you keep riding this monster your little 'swimmers' wont be. if you get my drift. Downsize. P.S. nude tires went out of style about the same time hula-hoops did.
Grade: B

Subject #2
I am the first to admit i like to modify my frames to make them look unique. I cant fault a guy for doing that. However I believe it would be in the best interest and safety of the general public if this bike were taken off the streets. This bike states very efficiently and directly what companies like Specialized and Trek pay millions of dollars of advertising to convince others of; Not everyone can build frames. I normally would have given high marks for the rear wheel lace up but when combined with the kinked seat tube and GT'ish seat stays, i belive we are looking at a kidney and liver laceration looking for a place to happen. BMX or Fixed road. Pick one and then commit.
Grade; D-

Subject #3
Again, just some pointers to get you going in the right direction.
1. Second brake lever not necessary
2. Shorten the remaining brake cable (both before and after the brake) to avoid possible strangulation when attempting to mount said bike by a hook in your barn.
3. No one needs to carry enough shit to warrant that size blow out bag unless you are expecting a different kind of blow out and suffer from incontinence. If you are carrying adult diapers, i offer you a thousand apologies in advance.
Grade B+

Monday, May 18, 2009

This isnt going to be easy

I got the sheet back from the jet. Here it is uncut. I left the pieces tabbed to make it easier to roll the first few times.

A close up of the individual cuts. I had to use maleable aluminum so i could roll it around the head tube. The material choice made some tears on the tighter part of the font.
First trip through the roll, just to get an idea where the faces fall.
Getting a little bend to it.
Tighter turns.
I had to seperate a few rows from the sheet to tighten down the radius further. The faces kind of pushed in and some of the lines in the jaw broke during the final tightening.
I cut them down to singles and polished the face.
These are going to be limited edition pieces. The man hours to get one out of the roll and cut and polished is going to make it tough. Tough but worth it!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Upcoming season

Some big events announced for the upcoming alleycat season. Kill Mill 3 being the premiere event. The last two have been won by the same cat. I am hoping a Street King can break that streak this year. I have some special gifts in mind for any of my crew that attends. I would like nothing more than to see one of the crew atop that podium. Especially in light of some punk calling my crew out on my own site no less. There are a few rules to survival that I would like to pass on:
1. Dont play poker with with a guy that has any city or state in his nickname.
2. Avoid women with tattoos of either daggers or knives.
and perhaps the most important one;
3. Dont pick a fight with a guy on his own website.
There have been numerous examples made on this site. (and yes this is considered my site) as well as AZFixed. (also my site).
While i dont claim a jedi status on my computer skills. I am no Cat 5 in the programming skills either.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fonzie would be proud.

A couple of weeks ago, hell it could be a month by now, a website popped up that promised to be everything that was missing from the local biking scene: local level results and articles. The webmaster is a legit enough guy that rides for a local team and frequently podiums in the big boy class. I thought; "who better to get the word out?" I followed the site with bated breath and built up anticipation and found that it had none of the elements that i had come to despise at the "other" local cycling site: The articles were timely and encouraged comments. The results were quick and accurate. The editor gave a few insights on the local scene. It was slow building but had frequent updates and relevant information. Then good sense gave way to grand standing. Articles that are admittedly well written, from the pseudonym: Rusty chain, started appearing. Some of the articles were humorous and pointed fun at some of the different aspects of cycling that could use some ribbing. Then something changed. Rusty turned his attention to fixed gear riders and in specific, AZfixed. meanspirited is one thing, attacks are another. In true SK fashion, i fired back hoping for a volley and cease fire. He wasnt having it. I felt like i was watching that scene we have all witnessed when Lance Armstrong has the tour in his back pocket and then catches his bars on a spectators feed bag. All that talent and promise, crashing to the road in an instant. Many of the posters on AZfixed sought me out to determine what our response should be? Physical? Cyber? Fight fire with fire? There are many capable programmers on the board that could drain that blog quicker than you could empty a starbucks by announcing you have swine flu. But i held back the sucker punch. Today Rusty posted up an apology of sorts asking for the public to weigh in on how good or shitty his comments have been. I posted a link to this picture. Some people dont have the stomach for the rough stuff. Turns out Rusty doesnt.