Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SK rolls...again

Street Kings Slay Central and go 1-2 for their troubles. What a scene, 80 riders tearing down traffic on a Friday night point to point. Owen (Cecil) and Radar come across in first and second. Other SK riders in attendance: Sgt Fury and SK. The after party was at the bike co-op that benefited by the race itself. The Rusty Spoke. After partying at the shed and picnic table that is the rusty spoke, i realized two things: 1. Why they need donations even small ones like the small portion of the race entry fees. and 2. Why its called the Rusty Spoke. I hope they can put the money to good use, the world needs more bike co-ops. And Phoenix needs more alleycats. perfect fit. This week: Dagger Death race III.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A historic night.

Two new members introduced to the fold. Skittles and Sgt Fury. The voting was supported by a majority of the group and ratified according to SK law. Two upcoming events were agreed upon as "premiere events" and are therefore eligible for both badges and rank. Central Slayer, an HCD production and sequel to Kill Mill (SK podium sweep last outing) and Dagger Death race on Halloween (first and second place for SK teams last year).