Thursday, March 18, 2010

Can i get a what what?

Full crew out last night. It felt good just to be on a bike, good weather and a few beers. We inducted a new member; Dauber, and laid groundwork for at least two more member applications. members voting last night include:


St. Paul



Agent Orange

James T.

Last Chance




It becomes apparent the group has become a bit lax for a hardcore bike gang. There were many suggestions tabled in disucssion of possible sanctions and actions.

in other business voted on by a majority,

1.Radar was awarded a headbadge for his podium effort in Daggers deathrace III. The top award was given to the guy that got the tattoo and beat the bikes back to the finish, but we all know who won.

2. any submission involving the name "goatsie" will be stricken from the record.

3. The rule; "you get your name when you get your frame" was seconded and agreed upon tabling a new name for Skippy

4. The name change process was ratified and agreed upon for members inquiring.
5. Date was set for next group ride April 22
SK Out