Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bitter sweet DDR4

The race was a success, the night wasn't. Six street kings in the break early with two other riders pushing the pace. Billy flatted before stop 2 leaving local street icon Wesperado to fend against six hard riders. I caught up with the group at the death tunnel where Wes got hung up. We left as a group of seven headed to the final two stops. I got popped going over Curry where Wes caught up to me. We finished together a few moments behind the lead group. St Paul came in first and earned the PBR bike. Keeping that in house was important. James T, Radar, Ish, Isaac, and Coat-x rounded out the top six.. All street kings. The bitter part was the BMX jump off didn't go as planned and my wife was hit and seriously injured by an errant bike. I spent the night in the ER and ICU with her while the doctors monitor her for internal bleeding. A lot of people reached out asking how she is doing and wishing her a speedy recovery. My familys appreciation goes out to those people. Thank you

Monday, October 25, 2010

Get ready to rumble

Its going to be big. 150+ riders. Including the SK's newest member: Coat-X. 10 Street Kings in the lead group? I think its doable. Weve got the strongest crew ever assembled, to take this race by storm.

yes i had to do some spring cleaning.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Dagger Death Race 4

Its happening again this year. 10/30/10 All the mayhem, all the miles, all the beers. An SK win is a must. Im putting a personal stake in the race this year and putting up the PBR bike as a prize for the fastest rider. Not that i dont think getting a tattoo isnt a cool way to win a race, its just not the way to win a bike. I feel good, i know this is a different race then the last one, but i think i can get out there and make some noise. I plan on hitting it hard, Tomorrows ride will hopefully firm up the team makeup. Speaking of makeup, here is the costumes we will be rolling.
Ill take Cap, the rest are up for grabs. I have 8 including my get up. I hope to have a full squad on fight night. And i plan on raging after. like a fucking superhero.